Sian has been in practice since 2004 after graduating from the University of Surrey with a Master’s Degree in Chiropractic, following an earlier science degree and a career in management.  A serious back injury sent her to a chiropractor from whence came her desire to retrain in the profession itself.

Sian set up her own part-time practice from home in 2006, whilst maintaining concurrent associate positions – since working completely alone, she feels, leads to rigidity, loneliness and eccentricity (and not in a good way!).

Sian’s style is to treat each person as a unique individual, trying to understand their needs, expectations and physical capabilities.  In treatment, she uses a mixture of manipulation, muscle release techniques, and acupuncture/dry needling to achieve best results.  She is enthusiastic in offering rehabilitation and exercise programmes to further the healing which takes place as part of the clinic treatment.

Sian also works with pregnant women and mothers to help achieve a pain free pregnancy and post-partum life.  This includes managing pelvic girdle pain and other back pain.   Sian is also good with shoulders (including frozen shoulder), knees, elbows and ankles, having successfully helped even old injuries to change.

The most common presentations at Chew Valley Chiropractic are low back pain, neck pain and thoracic (upper back) pain.

Sian is registered with the External link opens in new tab or windowGeneral Chiropractic Council (it is a criminal offence to practice as a chiropractor unless you have passed the appropriate examinations and registered as one). As part of the annual re-registration process Sian has to demonstrate that she has continued her professional development over the course of the year.